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How duty drawback helps ecommerce brands!

Duty Drawback

  • A government approved system to allow companies in Canada to recover duty on exports out of Canada
  • Say for example you have $100,000 worth of goods products in China‚Ķ
  • To import into the USA the duty is 20%, therefore you pay $20,000 in duty that is not recoverable
  • To import into us (Canada) the duty is still 20%, therefore you still pay $20,000 but anything we export out of Canada is recoverable by us
  • Assume all $100,000 is slowly shipped to the USA over the course of a year. At the end of the year we ask the Canadian government for your $20,000 back and keep 20% for our time to do the work therefore you get back $18,000!

Client Success Examples:

A client who manufactures home fitness equipment in China was paying 5% in duty plus 25% in additional tariffs in the USA. By switching to our 3PL services we were able to import the goods duty and tariff free, saving this client over $7000 USD per import. 

A client who manufactures swimwear in Bali, Indonesia would pay almost 25% in duty to import to another 3PL in the USA. By using our 3PL services we were able to get that duty rate down to 18%. By further taking advantage of our duty drawback program we were able to get 100% of that duty back on the goods shipped within the USA, generating a refund to them of over $24,000. 

What our customers say

After bad experiences with other 3PL providers, Kayo3PL has been stable, transparent and problem free!

ANNA S - Brand owner from Australia

I was in a huge problem, my 3PL closed and I had 20,000 units that I had to move in only one week. Kayo3PL handle it all for me without any disruption to my business! A+ service and performance!

CARINA A - Brand owner from California.

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