FBA Prep / FBM

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FBA Prep & FBM

  • We support outgoing shipments to FBA centers in the USA/Canada
  • We can label the pallets, cartons and individual items
  • We offer FBA prep services like poly bagging, FNSKU labelling etc..
  • We can also arrange LTL or FTL trucking to FBA including booking delivery windows within the FBA system
  • We can pull in your FBM orders into our system
  • We can update your FBM inventory level from our systems
  • We update Amazon with the carrier and tracking number once we pick and pack your order

What our customers say

After bad experiences with other 3PL providers, Kayo3PL has been stable, transparent and problem free!

ANNA S - Brand owner from Australia

I was in a huge problem, my 3PL closed and I had 20,000 units that I had to move in only one week. Kayo3PL handle it all for me without any disruption to my business! A+ service and performance!

CARINA A - Brand owner from California.

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