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Pick & Pack

  • All outgoing orders are scanned by bin location & UPC 
  • Near perfect accuracy
  • Order entry system for manual orders
  • Orders are updated with carrier information and the tracking number at the time of picking and packing
  • We rate shop all outgoing orders, we pick the lowest price by any carrier available
  • We support multibox shipments
  • We use all standard carriers: USPS, UPS, Fedex, Canada Post etc..
  • We support custom packaging

What our customers say

After bad experiences with other 3PL providers, Kayo3PL has been stable, transparent and problem free!

ANNA S - Brand owner from Australia

I was in a huge problem, my 3PL closed and I had 20,000 units that I had to move in only one week. Kayo3PL handle it all for me without any disruption to my business! A+ service and performance!

CARINA A - Brand owner from California.

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